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20% off all needed Parts/Labor AND accessories for each bicycle!

Happy Customers

Our family would absolutely recommend John to service your bicycle needs. John was always our go to at his previous employer and now that he is able to come to us instead of me trying to fit the bikes in my vehicle I couldn’t be happier! No more lifting and loading for this Mom. Now I’ll just call up the Bicycle Doctor 

Nicole B.

John is quite experienced with bikes and has helped me out on a few different occasions with my bike issues. He is professional and easy to work with, and the fact that he is family oriented was a plus! I highly recommend him for bike services and consultation.

Willi B

John is clean and quick. He came over to grab my bike and two kids bikes to give them a good maintenance session. I will definitely be using the Mobile Bicycle Doctor for all my bike needs. thanks again John.

Jason S

John was great to work with. very professional and knowledgeable. had everything on hand to fix my daughters bike quick. will definitely will go back to him for any other bike issues.

Scott S

I would recommend John and McKenna’s FM Bike Doctor services to anyone! It was so convenient! So, kind of an embarrassing story, but one Sunday morning, we were running behind, like usual, hopped in the car with my youngest and took off to the store. Well long story short, my older daughter had a friend over who happened to leave her bike BEHIND my car, yep I ran it over! John and McKenna were over to my house right away to assess the damages! It was really nice not having to haul a large bike to the store, but having them come to me!!!

Tori L